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When I first sought out Krystal’s services, I was 30 weeks pregnant and looking for a way to support myself and my baby for the remaining duration of my pregnancy. My experience with acupuncture was minimal, having received it no more than a couple times in the past for anxiety. Krystal’s warm and nurturing presence put my soul at ease. I immediately felt at home. Her treatment room became a familiar sanctuary; a weekly retreat where I could rest and deeply connect with the new life growing inside me.

Krystal does more than just acupuncture. She holds a sacred space as a receptive listener and a mindful communicator, which allowed me to open up and dig deeper into my own subconscious. After just a few consecutive treatment sessions, I felt a transformation not only physically, but also on a deep soul level. There is no doubt she helped prepare my mind, body and soul for the transition into motherhood. I will be forever grateful for her skilled services and support throughout that special time in my life.

-Julie Claus

sleep deprivation

Receiving acupuncture treatments from Krystal Kinnunen was the best part of my pregnancy and my transition into being a new Mother. Krystal’s talents reach far beyond her expertise as a Chinese Medicine practitioner; Krystal’s warmth and compassion create an environment for optimum healing and transformation. Krystal walked with me through my journey of pregnancy, a traumatic birth, and postpartum healing; she did so with keen awareness and deep love that shaped my experiences into something positive and transformative. From pregnancy induced heartburn to navigating the psychological impact of an emergency c-section and sleep deprivation, Krystal used her vast knowledge and powerful, compassionate healing abilities to help me reach a level of wellness that would have been unattainable without her by my side. I cannot say enough about the impact my experience with Krystal has had on my life; I feel truly blessed to have walked with her on my journey and I would urge anyone to begin their journey of healing with Krystal.

- Kara Albrecht


I am so happy my path crossed with Krystal's! She has been so incredible in helping me get more sleep throughout my pregnancy. I not only view her as my acupuncturist, but as a mom herself, someone I can share my feelings and thoughts with about motherhood. She listens, provides insightful advice and tips I can use throughout my pregnancy to help get through the tougher times. I highly recommend seeing her during your pregnancy to help with any ailments you may have.

-Pauline Moleski

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I HIGHLY recommend getting acupuncture from Krystal. I've had lots of acupuncture from lots of folks, and yet I had a profound energy experience on her table. Her office space is SUPER warm and cozy and her healing presence is strong and she has a creative artistry to her treatments that I really enjoyed receiving.

-Emilia Tuerack

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In my sessions with Krystal I always left feeling more relaxed and tuned into my own body. I enjoyed her intuitive approach which included looking at the emotional and spiritual layers of healing. I am impressed with her ability to listen to my needs and requests, while simultaneously nudging me in my stubborn areas. As a healer I admire that she walks her talk, and that she is deeply devoted to her own health, her service to other, her community, her studies, and her spiritual path. I would recommend Krystal to anyone!

-Sage Sansone

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I am almost seven months pregnant and I owe this to Krystal. Before and after IVF fertility treatments I was referred to Krystal. I feel so lucky our paths connected and have the memory of a stressful time become unstressful due to her loving reassurance. Her calm, patient, kind, and professional demeanor was so comforting for me during a very important time in my life. The environment of Krystal's treatment rooms is pure love and zen. What struck me most about Krystal was her genuine and pure spirit she radiates. I knew she was administering the best acupuncture treatments I needed for the medical IVF procedures. I highly recommend Krystal for any ailments or issues one is experiencing. She is so knowledgable and experienced.

-Lovingly, Blue Hughes


Praise for acupuncture and double that praise for the acupuncturist, Krystal Kinnunen! My own treatments with her felt very restorative. My sleep deepened, my mouth ulcers ceased, and my grief and depression improved. Krystal is knowledgeable, compassionate, and offers a healing presence.

-Nuria Anne Chaparro, Asheville, NC


I, like many pregnant moms-to-be, researched and considered a variety of methods for pain relief, relaxation, symptom control and increasing my chances at a healthy, timely labor. One of the therapies that has always interested me was acupuncture and I had used this traditional medicine in the past to manage nerve pain and jaw aches, as well as general stress-related physical and psychological concerns. So, now to find a certified acupuncturist in the Asheville area who I trusted during this precious time of prenatal motherhood…

As a certified acupuncturist, a learner at the celebrated school of midwife Ina May Gaskin known to reduce the fear of birth in our society, a mother, and yogini, Krystal Kinnunen instilled trust in me organically as we began to discuss my needs and her experience. Her obvious intuition and the sharing of her professional knowledge as she talked me through the procedures meant to prepare my body and my mind. for labor helped me connect with myself and the child I was soon to meet. This would be my first child and I had had many conversations with health care professionals about what to expect, but it was Krystal who brought forth a sense of confidence and balance at the time when I needed it the most, just weeks away from my expected due date. She created a womb-like environment for me as a mother—safe, nourishing and fluid-like. As she helped me flow through a host of emotions and sensations during each session, I felt empowered to move about from conscious to subconscious comfortably as she placed the needles in the points of my body meant to stimulate a safe harmonizing of laboring energies. The grounding work and uterine preparations were prominently noticed. My final session took place on a Thursday morning just hours before I began to labor at home. Krystal had given me a potent treatment that morning and had anticipated labor would begin soon, on my 40th week, just a day before my due date. I believe that without her treatments to reinforce my strength I would not be so proud to say that I labored naturally and delivered as one of the 10% who can vaginally birth a “sunny-side up” or “occiput posterior” baby and one of the 5% that give birth on their due date. Although I felt back pain from laboring a child in a position that was not “ideal”, I felt restored and capable. I arrived at the hospital already at 7cm and delivered more securely within the next 4 hours. Even her choices in music were affirming “go tos” that soothed me through some of the more challenging moments. The guided imagery and clearing circulatory work were steadfast in their use to me. It was also very helpful during these sessions to trust that even if my birth plan did not unfold exactly as I had anticipated that we, my self, my partner and our child, would have a nonviolent experience. She also provided services to my partner to help center him during this time of anticipation and excitement. My only regret is not beginning treatments sooner, as I discovered Krystal in my third trimester. We are blessed to have her in Asheville and it is with full intention that I utilize her gifts in any future births and in the meantime for postpartum treatments and regular maintenance.

-Heather Bauer, Asheville, NC


Krystal embodies what I believe a healthcare provider should encompass. Her way is graceful, respectful, and kind with a passion for getting to and healing root causes. She listens closely, hearing the call to action with her fullest presence, and goes into service with immediate and effective results. Her knowledge has scholarly depth and refined layers of multiple modalities, allowing a fluid, balanced and full treatment to occur.

-Liz Cox, Asheville, NC


I highly recommend booking a treatment with Krystal! I have been to a number of practitioners over the years but I don't think anyone has been as nurturing as Krystal. She was timely and prompt but the session felt like there was all the time in the world. She did an extensive in-take interview with me. The attention to detail highlighted her professionalism and technical knowledge. However, I was most struck by her compassionate and gentle energy, her keen insights into the subtle dynamics of life, and her ability design a treatment protocol that would simultaneously address physical and emotional issues. Her needling was very gentle. I was completely relaxed throughout the entire session and noticed a general sense of peace the rest of the day.

- Courtney Fincher


Before my session with Krystal I felt swept up in the goings on of everyday life, and a bit too stuck in my normal routines and realities to get a new perspective on my healing... After my session with Krystal I felt humbled by the huge mystery of creation and by all that I don't know- and I'm so glad I don't have to know it all, and that I chose to surrender and recieve from her Accupuncture, her wisdom, and her connection to the ancient traditions that allowed her to confidently open a portal to a place, a current, a frequency that provided such mega healing for me.

- Sarah Southerland


Krystal's treatments are so on point and have helped me bring in balance- which has increased my patience, and overall resiliency with stress and relived physical pain in the my neck and shoulders. Her care and feminine grace brings me relaxation, and full trust. I highly recommend her work for women who are pregnant, or working with their fertility and Mothers, because she upholds Women's health and wellness with such devotion.

- Lena Estates

Krystal has a unique and intuitive approach. She listened to my concerns and provided an incredibly healing treatment. Highly recommended and I will be back!

- Laura Baskerville

upper back pain

I immediately felt I could totally trust Krystal, and her gentleness and compassion are so nurturing.  She did an amazing job getting rid of my upper back pain (that had lasted many days) using cupping in only one session!  I really enjoy her acupuncture treatments and she totally listened to my request to do her amazing head and foot massage each time to help me relax and get into my body.  All the lifestyle, food and supplement recommendations she gave me were solid (and I'm in grad school for health coaching and integrative nutrition).  I highly recommend people check out Krystal's acupuncture practice!

-Sage Linden


My husband and I tried for two years to get pregnant and were starting to think we were going to have to take a medical approach to fertility. We really wanted to conceive as naturally as possible so we decided to try acupuncture. It only took two acupuncture treatments for us to conceive. Before we found out we were going to have a baby, I was slightly skeptical about the validity or effectiveness of acupuncture. Now I wish I had continued the treatments throughout pregnancy because during the last trimester I developed gestational hypertension. I now believe without a doubt that I would have been able to avoid high blood pressure if I had continued with acupuncture treatments throughout pregnancy. But once I was diagnosed, I went to Krystal and she was able to treat the blood pressure issues. During and after a session, the results were immediately noticeable. Ten minutes into a treatment, I felt calm, light, and confident that everything with the baby was going to be fine. Our little girl was born on March 26 and she is healthy and happy. Krystal  is gentle, knowledgable, and professional. I completely trust her ability to heal and help patients maintain health through acupuncture.

-Belle Crawford

Back Pain

I've been using Acupuncture for over 30 years as part of my overall wellness program as well as for dealing with injuries. I recently went in for a session with Krystal because of a nagging discomfort/ pain in my back. Krystal's treatment definitely effectively addressed my discomfort. What made the experience special was how I felt in general afterwards. I left feeling calm, relaxed, focused and a general feeling of well being that lasted well into the next few days. The pain never came back. I highly recommend Krystal.

-Jacob Barrocas

Knee Pain

Krystal has such a gentle spirit and has been instrumental in my healing process, physically, spiritually and emotionally.  I came in with a knee injury, back pain from a car accident several years ago and numerous other ailments.  The acupuncture sessions with Krystal have helped minimize the knee and back pain and have treated other ailments along the way.  I immediately felt a sense of connection and knew that Krystal was very knowledgeable and experienced in her work.  She has helped me understand the connectedness of the energy throughout our bodies and during this process I have had spiritual and emotional healing as well.  I would recommend Krystal to anyone seeking pain relief and healing, she is wonderful to work with and I always look forward to our sessions!

- Dixie Brown