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The experience of birthing my first daughter naturally at a Birthing Center awakened a desire in me to support and empower women during the sacred cycles of their lives. My primary focus as an acupuncturist is on women’s health with a specialty in fertility, pregnancy and healthy cycles. Knowing that Chinese Medicine is one of the most comprehensive and effective modalities for supporting women’s health, I devoted myself to a rigorous academic graduate program at Daoist Traditions College of Chinese Medical Arts and received my Master’s of Oriental Medicine. I used acupuncture and herbs to prepare myself to have a successful and gentle home-birth at the age of 40 with my second daughter, so I know first-hand how potent this medicine is!

In addition to being a licensed acupuncturist, I am a trained midwife’s assistant, Reiki Master and certified teacher of Kundalini and prenatal yoga. I studied with world renowned midwife Ina May Gaskin at The Farm in Summertown, TN, and with Tej Kaur Khalsa and Gurmukh Kaur Khalsa in Southern California. I am also a devoted student of Peruvian Shamanism.  This fuels my passion for walking the path of ayni (sacred reciprocity) with all living things seen and unseen while honoring prophecy and the indigenous earth ways of being. I am currently pursuing certification in Mayan Abdominal Massage. I enjoy having a diverse and unique array of modalities to assist each person on their own authentic adventure in healing.

My mission is to offer women (and the men and children that they love!) a compassionate healing space supporting them during all cycles of life with the assistance of acupuncture, herbs, yoga, meditation, massage and lifestyle recommendations. I place a strong emphasis on creating individualized treatment plans while offering a safe sanctuary for each person to relax into. With this integrative approach to healing, I am always willing to work collaboratively with your primary caregiver, doctors, midwives, and other health care providers. Ultimately we work together  to empower you to tap into your own innate wisdom and intuition restoring you your natural state of radiance.

When I am not in the office, you can find me in ceremony and ritual, ( This really fuels and nourishes my spirit) trail running, practicing yoga, meditating, or spending quality time with my beautiful family.

If you wish to read a more personal bio please continue below:

Come back in time with me... 9 years ago when I was facing the last year of mom’s life while I was also separating from my daughter’s father.

Have you ever gone through A time
where challenges were thrown at you
from every direction?

The grief was immense. It was so overbearing I couldn’t tell what I was grieving at times. My heart ached so deeply I could feel it all the way into my back. There were days I would lay on the floor and sob uncontrollably.

I remember laying in bed, feeling like I wanted to die. I even contemplated checking myself into a place. I just wanted a break. It was too much. I was in my first year of Chinese Medical School, while learning how to be a part time single parent. It was a lot. My whole foundation was taken out from underneath me.

A few days after my mom passed away, our divorce was finalized. At first, it was hard for me to adjust as my former husband entered into a new relationship, but I ultimately did too.  When I look back now, I see it all settled perfectly. In the midst of all the chaos and challenges of that time, something better was occurring for all of us. It just didn't always feel that way when we were in the thick of it.


This is what I see happening now for all humanity.

Pearl Iridescence 31.jpg

It may feel like the end of the world,
or that something great has died,
but there’s always more than what we can see.

A greater purpose to it all.

In the aftermath of these two big life events, I leaned on grace and inspiration to keep me going.

I started reading a daily love blog for inspiration, and became recommitted to my Kundalini Yoga practice.  

Striving for something better by receiving a higher education also kept me moving forward. I continued studying acupuncture and herbs in a Chinese medicine program.

My daily spiritual practice was the key. I would have never made it through the challenges I faced without it.

My business came about during yet another life transition - my second pregnancy. I used my Chinese medicine studies to build an acupuncture practice around supporting women on the journey into Motherhood. I absolutely love working with women trying to get pregnant. My own life’s journey of trails and tribulations give me the grit necessary to stand beside a woman during this potent time in her life. And after completely my walking prayer ministry training at The Center For Sacred Studies I now support people who are experiencing Spiritual Emergence and Spiritual Emergency. click to find out more of what this is…


My intuition was nudging me to expand and be available to women beyond pregnancy.


As women we give birth all the time. When we are inspired by a new idea, project, or life change, it's like we are nourishing a baby and when the final project is complete, it's like we give birth to our new creation.


Now I support people like you in clearing away the blocks holding them back from truly thriving and shining.

Pearl Iridescence 31.jpg

I do this by holding sacred space for my clients’ own innate wisdom to rise up. In creating sacred space for them, they feel safe to explore and express themselves, crystal clear about their next steps and what they need to do in order to manifest their ultimate vision and destiny.

I truly believe that healing comes from within.

I’m Krystal Kinnunen, a  Licensed Acupuncturist, Herbalist, Priestess and sacred space holder for people in transition who are ready to rise up, thrive, and make a difference in the world. Some call me a modern day Medicine Woman. I am a sacred holder of mystic insights and healing wisdom. I spend my days in ritual, meditation, and creating sacred space for people to heal (pretty cool, right!?)


I do this work because it lights me up. I believe in miracles, and I’m on a mission to help humanity awaken. Ultimately, I want to live in a world where people are liberated, healthy and happy living fulfilling lives.

Are you with me?