Trust and Surrender

I recently had this wake up call… I need to stop trying to make things happen instead allow things to unfold at an organic pace.

Surrender and Trust are my new mantras.

Lately I’ve been super active and motivated to build my business while at the same time showing up for my family like a super mom. Staying up late working on my business plans then falling into bed only to be woken up several times by my dear sweet Aaliyah who’s teething. One night my 10 year old woke up as well because she had played with the darn Ouija board at a sleepover, which scared the crap out of her. Thank goodness it scared her and she won’t wanna play with it again. One less thing for me to worry about as she enters her teen years…

I didn’t realize how hard I was pushing until I discovered a bald spot on the top my head. Hair loss is normal after giving birth but this is rather extreme. I sat with it in meditation and realized that I’ve been trying to do it all on my own… this good ole Midwestern-Southern gal works hard to make things happen – be in action mode. Take charge. Do it all! Sure I can run to the office and treat clients, come home in between and nurse my baby and start dinner and run back to office. Come home feed everyone, clean up, put baby to bed, get back up and keep working on the business. Why not? I’m a super mom. And granted I’ve gotta give my dear partner, Michael, props. He’s an amazing support and does so much around the house and helps with baby. He’s a wonderful father and so supportive.

The clarity I received is that, yes I can do it all and the most graceful way to hold it all together is by just being. Have patience. Trust that something greater than me is taking the lead and holding it all. I don’t have to hold it all or make it happen. The best way for me to practice what I preach –radical self care – is to trust and surrender. It’s all happening and it doesn’t need to be perfect. And YES I’m about to get all woo woo here. It’s time to ask yourself: How much do I truly trust something greater than me will take care of it all?

Call upon your angel support team. It’s time to let your intuition lead and guide you. In our western culture we have forgotten to truly have faith and trust. It’s time to call upon the wisdom of the tribe. Ask for help from your community, your tribe. We aren’t meant to do this all alone. We need to call upon, build and connect with our soul tribe. I’m going out of a limb writing this – I believe it to be true and crucial for our wellbeing. We all need to come together. Period. It’s time!

If you are struggling to find your community, click here:  Mastin Kipp gives 7 tips on how to find your tribe.

Surrender and trust. Surrender and trust. Surrender and trust.

Update:  My hair has fully grown back and is healthy thank goodness to Acupuncture and herbal medicine!! Yay, it really does work.