Mystical Acupuncture

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Harness Asheville’s healing power for yourself through a Mystical session

I’m not your run of the mill sort of acupuncturist… I’m an alchemist at heart and resonate with the Shamanic piece of Classical Chinese Medicine. What does that mean? It means I combine my spiritual sight and intuition to guide me as I hold sacred space for your own innate wisdom to rise up. I believe ultimately that healing comes from within you. 

My foundation is rooted in the rigorous academics of Chinese Medical School. At the same time, I am guided by the wisdom of my heart and higher self. I also trust your inner wisdom, your guides and your intuition. I am a weaver of Peruvian Shamanism and Classical Chinese Medicine.  I enjoy working with people involved with deep plant medicine ceremonial work. I specialize in preparing the mind, body, and spirit before ceremony as well as with the integration afterwards.

The sessions are typically 90-minutes which we will spend exploring deeper into your mystical realms.  A session plan will be co-created depending on your individual needs and intentions... Modalities include: Acupuncture,  Limpia- (clearing heavy energy), Sound Healing, Guided Meditation, Soul Journeying and Retrieval, Energy Balancing, Stone Medicine, and Bodywork.

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I felt so deeply cared for and held in my session with Krystal. Her care-filled approach combined with her very quick and skillful ability to get right to the heart of the issues presenting for healing, left me feeling very confident that I was in good hands and allowed me to relax deeply into the session.

I really appreciated having the opportunity to experience the potent synergy of having just a couple basic acupuncture points stimulated while allowing the powerful frequencies of the gong to do the rest of the work. Plus, soaking in the healing energies of her biomat throughout the session was an additional bonus!

It was a treat for my body and soul to have this session with Krystal. As a healer she is both tender and powerful, a potent and effective combination in my humble opinion. I highly recommend Krystal’s offerings. Give yourself the gift of a session with her. You won’t be disappointed!
— Ellen Kittredge, nutrition counselor, energy healer, shamanic practitioner and teacher
In my sessions with Krystal I always left feeling more relaxed and tuned into my own body. I enjoyed her intuitive approach which included looking at the emotional and spiritual layers of healing. I am impressed with her ability to listen to my needs and requests,  while simultaneously nudging me in my stubborn areas. As a healer I admire that she walks her talk, and that she is deeply devoted to her own health, her service to other, her community, her studies, and her spiritual path. I would recommend Krystal to anyone!
— Sage Sansone
When I first sought out Krystal’s services, I was 30 weeks pregnant and looking for a way to support myself and my baby for the remaining duration of my pregnancy. My experience with acupuncture was minimal, having received it no more than a couple times in the past for anxiety. Krystal’s warm and nurturing presence put my soul at ease. I immediately felt at home. Her treatment room became a familiar sanctuary; a weekly retreat where I could rest and deeply connect with the new life growing inside me.

Krystal does more than just acupuncture. She holds a sacred space as a receptive listener and a mindful communicator, which allowed me to open up and dig deeper into my own subconscious. After just a few consecutive treatment sessions, I felt a transformation not only physically, but also on a deep soul level. There is no doubt she helped prepare my mind, body and soul for the transition into motherhood. I will be forever grateful for her skilled services and support throughout that special time in my life.
— Julie Claus