Working with children was not something I was seeking or even thinking about. It started when close friends began asking me to help them with their children. It surprised me that it felt natural and the kids were comfortable. And there were notable results and successes! Witnessing the autistic child of a friend calm and have a moment of stillness after a treatment brought both me and his mom to joyful tears. It was that moment I knew in my bones that I needed to work with children and their families.

I have immense compassion for children who are suffering. My own personal childhood was full of illness. I was born with asthma and allergies. My family rushed me off to the ER many times in a panic. I had to take this awful tasting clear medicine that would just knock me out. Chinese Medicine has helped me overcome these childhood illness as an adult and it is also helping my own kids thrive.

I find that children actually love acupuncture if you approach them with respect.

If they say no to needles, then I will use non-needling techniques such as acupressure, laser, massage, and stones. I believe in building trust, connection and honoring the child. We play and have fun during our sessions, so the kids truly look forward to them!


Acupuncture and herbs can help children with pretty much anything!
I treat all ages newborn to 100.

The issues I can help your children with include:

  • Cold and Respiratory issues

  • Digestive Issues

  • Autism


  • Anxiety

  • Down’s Syndrome

  • Learning disorders

  • Speech issues

  • Sensory processing

  • Bedwetting

  • Sleep issues

  • Eye disorders

and much more…

I will often make diet and lifestyle recommendations, as well as suggest herbal formulas when they are appropriate. (and we have some creative secrets for getting herbs into kids!)