Jyot’s wisdom: Beloved Elder

A few weeks ago, Aaliyah (my 17 month old toddler)  and I had the honor of being with this beloved wise elder grandmother-Jyoti. I was deeply touched by her love and wisdom. When Aaliyah ran up to sit on her lap, Jyoti greeted her with open arms, tears welled up in my eyes and streamed down my cheeks. We were sitting in a closing community circle after experiencing her beautiful Earth Altar ceremony at Laughing Water’s Retreat Center.

I realized just how much I miss my mother and grandmother.

It came to me, that my daughters are not getting to grow up knowing their wise grandmothers from my side. Luckily this weekend, several wise and powerful women adopted us. The truth is we need our elders they carry wisdom. My grandmother raised me and taught me so much about the power of devotional prayer and being in service. Granted, she was not necessarily empowered but she was in the spiritual realm. It was refreshing to be around a tribe of wise empowered elders. It’s an honor to adopt them as our spiritual family.

Our culture has lost the knowingness of taking counsel from the elders. I humbly bow to Jyoti and the 13  Indigenous Grandmothers. Jyoti is responsible for bring these grandmother together and spreading their healing love across the world.

We must listen and awaken to our deepest hearts of love and intuition. It's whispering and nudging you... take heed now before the call is like a brick over the head. That would hurt, right?

The Great mother is calling you. She has nothing but unconditional love.

You are worthy.

The time is NOW.

It's time to come back to the wisdom of the First Nation's sacred technology of the earth. We must drop into the wisdom of our hearts and release the mind in order to bring things back into balance.

There's a lot of ego floating around- where people are expressing beliefs when the truth is we don't know anything! Jyoti says the First Nation people believe we aren't adults until we reach the age of 51.

In our culture we have cut ourselves off from our elders and the wise ones.

Grandmother Jyoti is true wisdom keeper.

I'm deeply touched by her. And I humbly bow acknowledging that I'm still a child and open myself to learning the original principles of being- the original instructions - the seed wisdom carried in the  Indigenous People as my soul and DNA awakening and activated.

Here’s a lovely interview with Jyoti where you will learn about her and wise woman ways.


It’s with great honor that I can now call Jyoti a mentor. When you come to me for assistance I’m connected to her wise counsel beyond myself. We need wise elder’s in our lives. We aren’t meant to do this alone. If your family isn’t able to offer you the wisdom you seek, find your tribe and adopt a mentor- a wise one. It’s time we weave back in the collaborative support of the maiden, mother, and crone (wise grandmother).